About the clay moon

Here at The Clay Moon, we paint. We throw mugs on a pottery wheel. We carve and mold and glaze and kiln fire.

More than those things, though, we aim to reignite a sense of childlike amazement and curiosity in the people who purchase our crafts and who collide with us in our community. We believe that wonder and awe can be brought out by fully experiencing and exploring the world around you—whether it be a neighborhood park or a national forest three states away. Our finely-crafted ceramic works and paintings are meant to take you back to those places, even if you haven’t been since you were a little younger, a lot shorter, and much sillier. (For the record, we at TCM are still very much all three of those things.)

TCM’s art is informed by sciences of earth and space—geology, zoology, botany, astronomy, and maybe a little astrology and alchemy just for fun. Because of that, our respect for the natural world and all living things pours over into the art we make for you. Our fiercest hope is for those ideals to make their way into your homes and lives as you use our ceramic forms and decorate your spaces with our art.


Meet the Moon Troop

The Clay Moon is a Memphis-based, two woman team: Sammantha Stafford and Molly Yates.


samm stafford

Samm is the owner and creator of The Clay Moon. She is a ceramicist, painter, amateur naturalist, and the epitome of industriousness. Samm enjoys brownies, tea, long walks with her husky Phoenix, hiking, playing suspenseful video games with her husband Jake, and reading fantasy novels.

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Molly yates

Molly is The Clay Moon shop manager and wholesale rep. She is a designer, writer, and artist wrangler who enjoys eating Samm’s brownies, making lists, camping, watching Cardinals baseball with her husband Jordan, punk music, napping with her elderly labrador-dachshund mix Jake from State Farm, and cooking.