A New Year and a Change of Pace


Here we are again entering a brand new year. Many of us are setting new goals, making plans, and gearing up to make 2019 the best year yet.If you’re anything like me, you love setting goals.More importantly, you love achieving those goals. Personally, I love to mark goals and “to do’s” off of my list, big or small. I also like to do them as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can be a wonderful thing to work so fast-paced. You get a lot accomplished, right? Pursuing your goals and dreams with speed and reckless abandon can be a wonderful thing. However, here I am proposing something different for 2019. I think this year should be the year that we take our time. Yes, you read that correctly. I am not a girl with an abundance of patience by any means. I have a hard time waiting for Jake, my husband, to get ready for the day, and waiting for birthdays,Christmas, or a vacation kills me!!! I even rushed to graduate college in 2.5 years (which was both good and bad) because I was so ready for the next chapter of my life. Reflecting on years past and the goals of the year to come, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to take your time accomplishing your goals. It is great to go for it, but it is even better to have patience and see how far you can push yourself and what you can really do! So for all of you who are anything like me and feel that intense urgency to accomplish everything by January 2nd, I am here to challenge you and encourage you to take your time, put forth your full effort, and don’t be afraid of your own potential. Life is not a race. Everyone is going at their own speed. This year, take as long as you need to achieve your personal best. I’ll be right alongside you trying to be patient and my push myself and my art farther than I ever have.