"Home" has always been a very important concept to me. I was inspired to make my shop, The Clay Moon, to help make the houses of others become warm and comfortable places to inhabit by adding earthy, handmade artwork. I have always found that bringing organic design elements, such as a free-flowing tapestry,  into the home creates a sense of tranquility that balances structural design with a warm, free-spirited feeling.

At Home In Nature

Life is a natural process that contains events that cannot be controlled. I created The Clay Moon because I learned at a young age the importance of having a place to recover. When I was a little girl, my family was presented with several uncontrollable difficulties that took their toll on us both physically and emotionally. It was hard to heal our minds and our bodies, and we found that the outside word was not as nurturing as our own little haven; our home. Despite our hardships, my parents always did a wonderful job of creating a warm, inspiring and forgiving space where I knew I could collect myself despite what life threw at me. It was also in this transitional period that I learned how nature brings me peace and thankfulness, and these elements can be seen in my paintings. It is my hope that my art makes others feel the love I put into each piece and that because of this, their houses are a little more "homey".